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E.B. appoints assistant prosecutor to bench

Mayor Stahl calls appointee ‘great asset’
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EAST BRUNSWICK — The Township Council has voted unanimously to appoint a new municipal court judge.

The decision to appoint township resident Robyn Brown at the Dec. 17 meeting comes as the township shifts from a court system with three part-time judges to one full- and one part-time judge.

Mayor David Stahl said the move will save the town money and increase efficiency.

“For the past four years, we have worked tirelessly to make East Brunswick the best place to live. Our court system is an important component of East Brunswick,” Stahl said. “It is a vital part of our community ... and as such it should be fair and efficient and representative of our community.

“Our backlog of cases needs to be addressed and I believe having one judge who is familiar with each case and who will be the constant judge hearing the same case will help to address this,” he added.

Stahl said Brown will be paid $73,500 and will not receive health benefits. Last year, he said, the township paid three part-time judges a combined $80,000, a figure that did not include benefit costs.

“I think the model works,” he said.

Stahl said Brown, who has been an assistant prosecutor for 11 years in Essex and Middlesex counties, will be a “great asset” to East Brunswick.

Brown has also run the Middlesex County’s Drug Court system for the past three years.

“Judges, colleagues who have worked with her, and adversaries against her, Ms. Brown has been described as professional, hardworking and efficient,” Stahl said. “Brown will work as many hours as needed to ensure our court’s needs are addressed. She will be available for our police officers when needed. Currently in her role as drug court coordinator, Ms. Brown often handles after-hours crisis calls, so this is really no different.”

He also said that as an African American woman, Brown will bring diversity to the township.

Brown has a husband and two children.

Judge Paul Endler, who currently sits in East Brunswick, was appointed as the part-time judge, according to Stahl.

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